Why Buy Organic Kids Clothing?

When you become a parent, one thing that you are going to quickly realise is that you spend most of your time (and your money for that matter) making sure that your kids have plenty of clothes to wear. In fact, you will probably spend more on childrenswear then you do on clothes for yourself.

Here at Kidspo we not only want to give parents the option to buy affordable kidswear for their family, but also to make sure that the boys clothes and girls clothes that we sell are planet friendly and natural too. But why is this? Why are we so dedicated to selling organic childrenswear?

Kinder to the environment

Imagine that our children didn’t have the planet that we know to enjoy. It is not a nice thought for anyone to have and it is down to us to do what we can to take care of our planet.  One of the biggest benefits to buying organic clothing is that it is planet friendly, the manufacturing, production and shipping of organic clothing, whether that is for adults or for children. According to the Soil Association “By eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, organic cotton keeps waterways and drinking water safe and clean. The water pollution impact of organic has been shown to be 98% less than non-organic cotton production.”

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It is better for our children’s skin

One thing that you might not realise about organic clothing is that the materials that are used to make them are soft, gentle and much kinder to your skin and as organic cotton is grown and made without the use of harmful pesticides and toxins this something that our children are going to love, particularly if they are sensitive about what is on their skin.

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There is plenty of variety

Not so long ago it seemed that one thing that organic clothing lacked was variety. However, as demand has risen for organic kids’ clothes, so has the variety that is on offer. Now there are plenty of styles, colours and prints that you can buy and all of them are completely natural and organic.

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It doesn’t have to cost the Earth

One concern that many parents seem to have with organic kids clothing is that it is expensive. Whilst you can find that there is a slightly higher price tag with all natural clothing, it is definitely an investment. Organic childrenswear is made to the highest standard and is made to last. No matter what your kids throw at it, which lets face it, can quite often be taken literally.

Think that organic kids clothing is right for you and for your little ones? If you do, then you might want to take a look at the amazing range of boys and girls organic natural clothing that we have in stock online. We are sure that you will find something that your kids will love to wear and that you will love the price of too.